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Home: Home Page of the website. Software Products: Detailed descriptions of our file conversion software products - Filemerlin™, WordPort™, and FirstOut™. Also, how to evaluate them at no charge, and how to order. Online Conversion: A Unique and Inexpensive Instant Online Conversion Service. Receive converted files in a couple of minutes, without having to purchase any software or make any commitment. Application Notes: Summary of applications and file formats that our software products convert between, and selected details on some of these applications and file types. Custom Solutions: Don't find exactly what you need? We may be able to tailor a customized solution for you. Developers & OEMs: Special information for software developers, programmers, and OEMs, who wish to license our file conversion technology for inclusion into their own products. Downloads: A single "downloads" page from where you may download all current versions (as well as many previous versions) of our conversion products - FileMerlin™, WordPort™, and FirstOut™. FAQ: Useful answers to frequently asked questions. Site Search: A map of this website, as well as the ability to search the website using keywords.
Home: Home Page of the website. Software Products: Detailed descriptions of our file conversion software products - Filemerlin™, WordPort™, and FirstOut™. Also, how to evaluate them at no charge, and how to order. FirstOut Software: Software to convert pfs:First Choice data base files to modern Windows-based programs.

FirstOut - Software to Convert pfs:First Choice Data Base files

FirstOut is a software product to convert pfs:First Choice data base files into a format that can be used by modern data base and spread sheet programs such as Microsoft Access, Excel, FoxPro, QuattroPro and others. For maximum flexibility, it also converts to generic formats such as comma-separated quote-delimited, as well as to Word and WordPerfect mail-merge data file formats. It runs under 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Vista, XP, Me, 98, 95, 2000 and NT, and directly reads the Dos-based pfs:First Choice data base files.

If you're a pfs:First Choice user, you probably have many years' worth of data in that data base format. With all the problems related to older Dos-based programs running under modern versions of Windows, you've probably considered switching to a modern program. But the thought of converting or re-entering all that data has been intimidating.

Until now! With FirstOut, you can convert all those data base files with a couple of mouse clicks --- reliably and automatically. Multiple files can be converted in a single operation, including conversion of files in nested folders. And it works directly on the pfs:First Choice data base files ... you do not have to save them in any special format such as ASCII. FirstOut is a stand-alone program, and does the conversion without requiring either pfs:First Choice or your new data base, spreadsheet or word processor program.

Interactive Course on Microsoft Access for First Choice users

[Access training course]In conjunction with newLearnings, Inc., we have released an interactive computer-based course on Microsoft Access for users converting from pfs:First Choice. This computer-based course is a real time-saver for users converting their data bases from First Choice to Microsoft Access. It uses simple language, screen animations and easy-to-follow interactive elements to help pfs:First Choice users quickly get set up and started in Microsoft Access. Download the free preview at no charge or send us email to get the complete course on CD.

Price: $49 ($29 if ordered with FirstOut software). If ordering online (i.e., by clicking Purchase Now in the installed products), execute both orders on the same day using the same credit card. Your card will automatically be issued appropriate credit to reflect the reduced price ... you do not have to do anything.

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